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Thunder bugs/Thunder flies In screen! KS9000 55"

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It seems that the KS range have quite a few problems but insects managing to get inside is really taking the you know what specially fi you have paid upwards of 2 to 2.5k on a tv, you don't expect these kind of problems.


To me this screams of a manufacturing defect so go after the retailer as Samsung are useless and use your consumer rights to demand a replacement or refund.

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Hopefully no one too freaked out by dead insects though could well be startling to some,may be manufacturing defect with KS range for which you could seek redress.


I had the same problem with the Samsung UE55KS9000 55in 4K UHD Curved TV 2 years ago, I got my money back, I then asked John Lewis which was the best TV but didn't want the same problem, I was told the Sony Bravia KD-55XD9305 would be the TV for me as no storm bugs can get inside, well 18 months later and I have 8 dead bugs inside, john lewis said it's not covered on the warranty as its an act of god, I asked for gods phone number so I could claim, paid by barclaycard so I would be protected but barclays will not help as can't see what is wrong.
I told them that a mesh screen should of been put over the vent holes to stop anything other than air getting in or out, I said it not fit for purpose !!!!  The case continues. 


i have the same problem, my TV is 18 months old with a bug in the screen.
Samsung will not do anything for me because its not a manufacturing issue.
i was also told to tap the screen the bug should fall off, you guessed it, it didn't work
i'm not overly happy with the attitude of Samsung, it's as if they are saying up yours we've got your cash we don't care
my TV is a UE49KU6470 and i won't be buying another Samsung TV because they don't care about customers like ourselves.

its disgusting


The big problem is ,it's not just Samsung, all LCD TV's and LCD screens are having this problem as none put a fine mesh over the venting holes which allow the screen to cool down, well that's what I was told, I purchased a Sony which has done the same thing, we should all get together on this at the same time and hit trading standards with this problem .


I totally agree with you, how do we go about getting this done, any support from the community would be a big help.

I've started to phase out all my Samsung electronics in the house, because of the lack of support I've received 

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Got the same problem with a Samsung UE55KS7000 there is a storm fly inside right in the middle of the screen.

I purchased from Richer Sounds had VIP 6 year warrenty they said no so will never buy from them again, I will contact Samsung but not holding out much hope reading these posts.

I went over from LG (never no bugs inside screen) to Samsung and I have 4 Big TVS in my house so im not a happy bunny. My son In Law has a Sony he sent them a video and played a white screen via Youtube it had flys too, but Sony sent a new tv to local company there comming out and fitting it also so fair play to them.




Does anyone have luck sorting this out? I have exactly same issue and only had TV for 8 months. 

How bad it is that on device which only purpose is to be look at insect can get inside and spoil the view, I'm really dissapointed and it does not look like Samsung cares about this at all.  Aparently in Australia this is comming under warranty so why not in UK?

Does any of you had any luck with trading standards?


Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I posted here.

So the situation with my tv kind of resolved itself with the bug falling down onto the bottom of the panel where is no longer visible. I stopped worry about it but also "kinda left it" because I was away from the UK for a while when I have not used the TV at all. And after my return - surprise..


There is another issue here and which is a direct result of this obvious design/manufacturing flaw, and that is a risk of fire.

Lets say that the bug falls onto a high voltage element and burns, or causes an electrical component to short, then we have quite high risk of fire, especially when away from home when the tv is on standby. This confirmed by a friendly AV technician at a local workshop. Enough for a live insect to be crawling inside. This, apart of the design flaw, should be a reason enough to demand return if money paid for this product.

Now, those who bought the tv using credit card can obviously claim money back from their credit card provider. But what I did, having liked pretty amazing picture quality, especially in 4K, I bought a mid range UV lamp, - one of those they use at meat counters at supermarkets (?), just in case of any unwanted flying  guests, and placed it on the opposite wall to the tv in nit distracting place. Seems to be very inviting to all forms of flying insects from flies to mosquitoes and apparently fireflies. Read about wavelengths the little buggers see should you decide to buy one, apparently this trick does not work with all uv lamps.

As for trading standards, one of my friends who is a lawyer in the city suggested that there is a case to make this thievery corporation to pay out, based on the mentioned by many design flaw, and risk of fire (risk to life and property). For me personally it is more about time and hassle these days having owned the tv for quite a long time now, perhaps I dont care so much as when it was new, and I really know how frustrating this can be having just spent upwards of 2.5K. But I guess this is what this thieves are counting for, right?

What is most insulting to me in all of this, is that no one from Samsung is even bothered to reply, but I guess if someone decide to spend some oney on a lawyer then they will have to. + pay for costs.

As for the tv itself, it is probably one of worse purchases I made, but this being a lesson - I actively discourage people looking for a new flatscreen - both in stores and online - to steer away from samsung products telling them this exact story. People usually listen and are apalled themselves especially about an excellent customer service samsung provide

And the next I will buy after selling this tv on, will be a nice cabinet full of books.


So yeah, claim back if bought using credit card, pointing the risks and design flaw making the product unfit for its purpose if not outright dangerous. This is my advice to all, because I don't think samsung cares.





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