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Thunder bugs/Thunder flies In screen! KS9000 55"

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It seems that the KS range have quite a few problems but insects managing to get inside is really taking the you know what specially fi you have paid upwards of 2 to 2.5k on a tv, you don't expect these kind of problems.


To me this screams of a manufacturing defect so go after the retailer as Samsung are useless and use your consumer rights to demand a replacement or refund.

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Hopefully no one too freaked out by dead insects though could well be startling to some,may be manufacturing defect with KS range for which you could seek redress.


I had the same problem with the Samsung UE55KS9000 55in 4K UHD Curved TV 2 years ago, I got my money back, I then asked John Lewis which was the best TV but didn't want the same problem, I was told the Sony Bravia KD-55XD9305 would be the TV for me as no storm bugs can get inside, well 18 months later and I have 8 dead bugs inside, john lewis said it's not covered on the warranty as its an act of god, I asked for gods phone number so I could claim, paid by barclaycard so I would be protected but barclays will not help as can't see what is wrong.
I told them that a mesh screen should of been put over the vent holes to stop anything other than air getting in or out, I said it not fit for purpose !!!!  The case continues. 


i have the same problem, my TV is 18 months old with a bug in the screen.
Samsung will not do anything for me because its not a manufacturing issue.
i was also told to tap the screen the bug should fall off, you guessed it, it didn't work
i'm not overly happy with the attitude of Samsung, it's as if they are saying up yours we've got your cash we don't care
my TV is a UE49KU6470 and i won't be buying another Samsung TV because they don't care about customers like ourselves.

its disgusting


The big problem is ,it's not just Samsung, all LCD TV's and LCD screens are having this problem as none put a fine mesh over the venting holes which allow the screen to cool down, well that's what I was told, I purchased a Sony which has done the same thing, we should all get together on this at the same time and hit trading standards with this problem .


I totally agree with you, how do we go about getting this done, any support from the community would be a big help.

I've started to phase out all my Samsung electronics in the house, because of the lack of support I've received 

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Got the same problem with a Samsung UE55KS7000 there is a storm fly inside right in the middle of the screen.

I purchased from Richer Sounds had VIP 6 year warrenty they said no so will never buy from them again, I will contact Samsung but not holding out much hope reading these posts.

I went over from LG (never no bugs inside screen) to Samsung and I have 4 Big TVS in my house so im not a happy bunny. My son In Law has a Sony he sent them a video and played a white screen via Youtube it had flys too, but Sony sent a new tv to local company there comming out and fitting it also so fair play to them.



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