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Thoughts on the new 2018 QLED TV?


I am delighted with my Q955 that is now near 5 months old.

Indeed, Q7FN suffers the most from the well known dimming issue. Q9FN is not free of this issue as well. Since it is a FALD device, the brightness increase takes place around the subtitles area only, but it is there, definitely.
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I must say, I don't really have an issue with that on my Q9F. It is however visible in some extreme cases (A very bright logo with a pure black background for example). But it isn't enough to distract from the overal quality of the screen. I guess its the downside of the technique that is used which also has its own benefits *shrugs*

It might be more visible for the Q7F considering it has fewer "Zones" than the Q9F (More = Better). There is of course still room for improvement but it is pretty darn impressive for a LCD TV and in my opinion I don't exactly consider it an issue for my TV.

I guess that OLED does it better, but that has its own downsides (Good ol' burn in for example ).

Just noticed the AirPlay option on my Q9FN.. how long has that been there?! 


Video of it working with YouTube;


Video of Screen Mirroring option, which will be useful for Google Photos, which doesn't support AirPlay on iOS.

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Thanks for the links @endpoint101 .    Actually  support for Airplay2 was initially announced in January ,a few manufactuers involved but Samsung the only one with inbuilt Itunes


The Apple Tv app became active for 2019 and selected 2018 sets on 14 May




Recently bought  the Q9 (2018)

brill tv , was getting almostblack screen in dark scenes but realised I had eco modes on & has turned backlight down a bit


in movie mode with certain settings it’s now fine , I must get use to a brighter screen


these panels display very nice blacks & are also powerful to manage bright lights etc

so they need to run at a good range/brightness level no problem with subs then either 



the only thing that’s really bugging me is ambiant mode turning off tv after 50 seconds when the room is not dark

With ambiant mode auto brightness on with auto brightness off it’s to bright even at min setting this a software thing ?




Local dimming on low -this stops dark appearing
Some eco mode on -this stops eyes burning out due to bright whites

Best settings I’ve found yet & can now see detail in darker areas without annoying dark shadows appearing




realised using settings that dim the screen to much cause  a  whole host of problems start mainly local dimming related even with dimming set to LOW

turn off all eco options except ambiant light detection to around minimum 30 just to account for low light rooms 


scteen still will seem to bright if like me your use to non Qled , I’m getting a brill picture now without annoyance , 

still getting use to sometimes bright whites but I guess this is a part of the realism


Great if you don't use subtitles. Not so great, actually pretty bad if you do. 


Samsung support has guaranteed me they will fix this in facebook messenger several times. I noticed it's barely notable with burn in subtitles (part of the movie), and VERY notable with subtitles as a menu overlay. Because its not part of the overall image and samsung had to deal with 2 outputs it messes it up I think. Whereas burned in subs are basically one image.


Too bad most video apps use subtitles overlays. 


Best settings I found:



auto color

dimming low or standard (depending on time of day. Standard day time)

brightness -1

contrast 40 standard dimming. 50 low dimming.

Backlight 50

Eco backlight 30

motion plus off

digital clear view off when viewing hd material. On when SD.



@JDawg wrote:

Samsung support has guaranteed me they will fix this in facebook messenger several times.

Interesting they've said this. Gives me hope it'll be fixed sometime, although I'm not holding my breath!  



in Dutch but litterally he says it shouldnt happen with a tv in this pricerange but coding this is harder than one would think. A fix is sure to come. And the part about the hard coded subs performing better he was going to send to the engineering department.


The Elon musk bit was me joking we're sending cars into space in 2019, meanwhile samsungs most expensive TVs cant play subtitles.

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