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The Frame Slideshow feature request

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Hello, I have had The Frame in my living room for a little while now, and I have found that the slideshow desperately needs the following features: 


  • Randomize the Slideshow Sequence - When showing a collection, the sequence always starts at the beginning of the collection. We need to be able to randomize the order in which the art is being shown so that it doesn't always start with the same thing. 


  • Skip to the next picture - During the Slideshow, the ability to skip to the previous or next picture would be highly useful. We should be able to use the currently unassigned Left or Right arrow buttons to do this. Sometimes when viewing, .e.g a curated collection, something will come that is undesireable, or sometimes it can even scary for my children! When this happens, my only recourse is to start the collection over again from the first slide. 


  • Set a default mode for the Mat. I don't like the virtual frames that get put around the pictures. In some cases it looks ridiculous and totally unconvincing. I would like to default the Mat to only fill the whole frame, no digital whitespace around it. Having to set this on a picture by picture basis is not good. If the picture cannot fill the frame, then I do not want to show it. 
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Hi @JR15. I have passed these suggestions on to our R&D team.

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Those are key features,

I would love to see those 3 coming I don't understand it's still not there... (that, and the fact that Rakuten/Samsung Plus TV are killing the power on of my TV and I am forced to use tricks to disable them at DNS level)

So yes, regarding the frame mode, Random + Manual skip to the next photo + Apply background to all pictures at once are KEY FEATURES !!

thanks in advance
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I can't even find the slideshow feature on my new QN65LS03RAFXZA, nor can samsung answer any questions about it it seems, very frustrating!  Instead of improving it they've just removed it...?  If so, it'll be going back!

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