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Television (UE40D5500) no longer auto detected connected devices.

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Television (UE40D5500) no longer auto detected connected devices.
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My television for years auto detected the devices attached to it. Suddenly the auto detect has stopped working. I now have to use the Source option and manually select the devices. I contacted Samsung and they suggested a soft reset which had no effect. Then I tried the suggested software upgrade via USB which also did not work. They say they have no more options and that if I want to take this further it will involve a chargeable engineer visit. I am amazed that when you contact Samsung they all appear never to have experienced this problem before. A trawl of the web indicates it is not an unusual problem. Can anyone help please?

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Disappointed that no solutions to this problem have been offered by Samsung.  When I was searching the internet for fixes I came across loads of posting over the last few years from people asking for help in switching auto detect off.  This problem seems to have dried up now as I don't see many new posts.  What amazes me is that if there is a way of switching auto detect off then there equally must be a way to switch it on.


My auto detect just stopped working over a month ago.  All my devices still work once I have selected them using the Source button on the remote control.  Anybody got any ideas on ways to solve this problem?

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