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TV switches itself on

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I have a Samsung UE32F4500 Smart TV. I think it is 4 or 5 years old now. Just recently it has switched itself on on three occasions. Mostly in the afternoon, and once I found the TV on in the morning when I went into the lounge, Although I could have left it on the previous evening. I have a Sky box connected to one HDMI input, and recently added a Humax Freeview recorder to a second HDMI. The Humax has been in place for  3 or 4 months, this problem has only started to occur in the last couple of weeks. Can anyone give me advice on this problem please ?.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @rayman100.


Have you checked the 'timer' settings on your TV to ensure these have not been accidently activated? Go to Menu > System > Time > On Timer.

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Yes thanks, I have checked the timer settings.

TracyR Moderator

Can you check to see if it still happens when external sources are unplugged?


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Hi there, yes I was thinking of that. Trouble is it has only happened on three occasions so far, and they have been days apart. So it could be a long experiment.

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