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TV suddenly started showing sports in Spanish


Hello, Friends,


I still have not solved my Spanish sports problem.  Since my husband has needed a lot of therapy and care I haven't had time to spend reprogramming my TV. 


Last night was Thursday Night Football here in the US.  Of course, my audio was in Spanish.  I didn't want to miss the game, so I tuned my cell phone to a local radio station for English audio.  It was OK, but the audio wasn't synchronized with the TV, so it was kind of confusing. 


 I do plan to work on this soon! 




TessM Moderator

That is understandable, @DrSylvia .Hope that your husband gets well soon. Did you try to contact our Us colleagues to have a look at this for you? Is this always happening with the same channel? 


I haven't tried th eUS site, yet. 


The Spanish language broadcasts seem to be connected with the sport and I find it happening on  several different popular sports channels.  It is like I subscribed to a translation service for certain programs, but that can't happen, since I never activated my TV Internet connection and I certainly would remember if I subcribed to Spanish audio, even it it was free.


Very puzzling.






New Member

I had the same problem. Just spoke into the  xfinity remote "video off" and no more Spanish. Good luck

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