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TV started burning and omitting toxic smell from back customer service wont do anything about it.

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hi all, So my daughter of 2 years old was watching peppa pig on or 5 year old samsung television in my front room whilst i was prepering her tea in the kitchen. i returned to the front room and could smell a very strong burning toxic smell being omitted from the television i felt the back of the television and the plastic back cover was extremely hot. i switched the television off and left thinking might of over heated. i replugged the television back in and the the same strong toxic smell came back and the back began getting hot again. 


i spoke to samsungs customer services they put me through to the product leason services, who sent out a engineer the following weekend. at this point i was very happy with how samsung had handled my case. 


whilst the engineer was here he plugged the television back in and low and behold the smell of toxic burning smell came back which he pointed out was coming from the power supply board which was located at the left hand side of the televsion and also the postion were the plastic had heated up. the engineer then unpluged the television passed me the power cable to the televsion and told me to hide it somewere to make sure that nobody plugs the television back in. which really worried me as god knows what could have had happened if i hadnt have noticed it or we had gone to bed and left the telly on, my house could have burnt down with my family in it. 

i then get told of samsung that i will have to pay £500 pounds to repair the televsion, i was shocked as this is nothing i have done to the television and is clearly manufacturing fault with the television. 


after doing some digging on the internet i have found this is a happening more and more with samsung television, they have had problems with there capacitor components by using substandard components. there has even been class action law suits in america over this issue. 


i am shocked that samsung have not taken any notice and all they keep saying to me is its because the television is old and i will have to pay for the repairs. i wouldnt say 5 years is old. they currently have a advert for there washing machine with a hashtag of #builttolast more like #builttoburn. 


if you do have a samsung tv make sure you unplug it before you go to bed because god knows what could happen. 


i know samsung wont do anything for me which is a shame as they have lost a very loyal customer, as i have bought phones, ssd drives, tablets from them. but that is going to change and samsung wont really care about one customer as ive seen on many  a forum of people getting fobed off from them. 


if anyone has had a similiar problem comment below. 

rant over.

kind regards taroyle81



Hi @taroyle81


We take matters like this very seriously and do what we can to help, though it does depend also on the engineer's inspection and decision. Can you send me a direct message about this so that I can access your Samsung profile? I'd just like to take a look into your case to see what's happened. Thanks!






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This has just happened to my Samsung TV too. Last night horrendous smell and the picture dropped a shade, wasn't as bright. Turned it off as it was very hot, now when I turn it no I get nothing apart from the smell.

Very disappointing.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @ZF 


Would you also be able to send me a private message so we can get this looked into for you?

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Our Samsung TV started smelling and now doesn't even turn on!

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Hey @vcelliott1409! Can you drop me a private message with more info on this? 



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Had my TV for about 5 years and just started smelling a noxious burning smell. The right side of the tv was very hot to the touch. Turned it off and let it cool dow while I aired out the house and restarted the tv just to get the same smell. 5 years is not a long time to have a tv. What's going on? Please help.

CarlH Moderator

Hi @BH123. Thanks for getting in touch. Can you tell me where it is you're based? 

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pountless getting samsung involved, they wont do anything. they just send an engineer round that tells you to stop using the television and wont repair it unleds you pay 300 quid. glad you caught it early and nothing bad happened. get yourself a LG television got one in the bedroom ive had for over 10 years never had a problem. 

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Samsung were wonderful when dealing with my damaged TV. In my opinion they went over and above.

Their customer service was amazing and it was really appreciated.

Thank you

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