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TV sound sporadically cuts out on a Virgin V6 box

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I have a UE32M5520AKXXU TV in my back room connected to a VirginMedia V6 cable TV box.  I have no external sound system - it is just using the TV speakers.  TV reports that the "Software is up to date".  Once a day (times vary) the sound breaks up for a second or two and then cuts out completely and doesnt return.  If I change source to the TV, the sound is restored immediately, as it is if I switch the V6 box off and on again.  I have changed HDMI cables (using the VM supplied one), used all 3 HDMI input ports on the TV, reset the TV and chopped and changed many audio settings on the TV & V6.  I know it is not a V6 box related problem as I have 3 boxes and I get the exact same issue no matter which one I connect the TV to.  The VM technician who came out to help says that all of the upstream/downstream cable signals are right bang on target.  I should add that this issue has only started on this new Samsung TV I bought it in May - the old Samsung TV it replaced never displayed this problem.

  I havent viewed the TV for an extended period on the internal freeview tuner or through another "box" yet to see if the glitch is evident there.

  I notice in the US forum there is discussion about changing the "UHD Colour Settings" to sort a similar problem on other models of TV.  However, my TV is quite basic and not UHD - and doesnt have that setting.


  So... has anyone got any ideas as to what is causing this annoying little glitch on my TV and how it can be rectified ? I am hoping it is a software/firmware or "setting" issue that can be cured without returning the TV to Samsung for "repair"

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This is a very late reply to this (I actually replied on other threads but hadn't seen this one frustratingly!)

My exact same TV has exactly the same issue. Bought from John Lewis in December 2017 and it has done this sound cut out thing 20-30+ times since then. Like you I've tried every solution possible - numerous HDMI cables, changing inputs, the list goes on. There's been no firmware updates from Samsung despite others having this issue (clearly not enough of us!) The issue doesn't exist with an old Samsung TV. This was plugged in immediately after the sound cut out on the UE32 but the old TV had sound - plugged the UE32 back in and no sound! Same with an old Panasonic TV. The issue doesn't exist via input from DVD player etc, nor from the internal Freeview sound. Changing sound settings / HDMI sound settings also doesn't make any difference.


For anyone else out there, the only solution I found which has been vaguely 'long term' (about 1-2 months) is resetting the sound within the TV. If I get another TV, it won't be a similar / replacement like for like model of this one!

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Sorry Hazel - I thought I had replied with the "solution".

I contacted Samsung UK support by email - who said.... “one of our representatives can remotely access your TV to perform the HDMI EDID rewriting before establishing the connection with the V6 box and the other HDMI-supported external devices”. So I called the number given and they conneced remotely to the TV and did the rewrite.

Problem solved - all great since.

In future I would be straight on to my TV manafacturer's  support line fot any help.


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Thanks so much - will give that a bash!
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Great news, @JohnnyCB. Thanks for letting us know!


Let us know how you get on, @HAZEEL.

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Spoke to Samsung support and the HDMI EDID was reset by them remotely.


Sadly, at 8pm tonight the sound went again. Completely cuts out randomly - live TV, catch up, you name it, various channels. Did a sound reset and still didn't work. Put Virgin box to sleep and woke it up and that was the only thing that worked. Have heard this is also an issue with Sky boxes too, so must be something to do with the sound coming via HDMI specifically relating to Virgin/Sky and my TV at least. May have to return the thing to John Lewis for a Panasonic or Sony!


Will report back any further developments but this has gone on since the TV was bought so don't see any magic solutions sadly. Thanks!

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@HAZEEL wrote:

Spoke to Samsung support and the HDMI EDID was reset by them remotely.


Will report back any further developments but this has gone on since the TV was bought so don't see any magic solutions sadly. Thanks!

Well all I can say is that the same model TV works perfectly now with my V6 box so it isnt a "generic" issue.

Have you tried replacing the HDMI cable with a new good quality one?  Also try the other HDMI ports on the TV.

Or it could relate to one of your settings in the TV or V6. Or a faulty V6 after all perhaps.  Do you have a second V6 box that you could just swap over to test?

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Thanks JohnnyCB. Appreciate your help and time so much! Agreed, it must be specific to the TV I have!


Unfortunately I've tried a number of things. Several HDMI cables (high quality ones included), each HDMI port - and repeatedly. I've unplugged the TV and plugged into another Samsung TV and no sound issues - plugged back in to the UE32 and still no sound. Plugging in an old Panasonic TV with no issues at all. I've tried several suggestions found on these and other forums to do with HDMI settings / sound settings within the TV.  Must be specific to the TV unit. If I find an answer to my issue I'll re-post but again, thanks for replying and doing your best to help!

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