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TV scheduled viewing and recording not working

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why does my samson tv say too many reservations when trying to record to a usb


Samsung has acknowledged that recording functions do not work properly 'for some users' (!) but not any particular causes for these problems.


However we found that the 'too many reservations' bug can, after storing the channel list and fovourite channels, be temporarily sorted by restoring the TV to factory settings. After doing that 'too many reservations' went away but the regional BBC1 channel setting went haywire instead....




That’s interesting, my TV keeps losing the local BBC1 channel on Freesat….  My solution is to forget about Freesat option and to use the satellite option.  It takes a few minutes to find and set-up the favourites list, but once its done your are go to go, plus you get Channel 4 in HD, which you cant get on Freesat.  PS I have given up on the recording feature, most progs are on catch-up, but you cant skip the ads on the commercial channels. 

Hi, just letting you know I’ve used your suggestion on our QLED 49”FAM 2017 MODEL and it worked. I now have my schedule recording again. This has happened before and factory reset to get recording again. But this time I’d did not work.
I have found that Samsung support is usually disappointing. They said It’s to do with only being able to make 30 schedule recordings, but if you go to the schedular tab, there is nothing to edit or remove. That’s when you get the message “too many reservations” but there is no way to find what’s reserved. Totally useless.
Just to say thank you for your solution,
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This has just happened to me .

All sorted now 

just did a manual retune tune 


you will need to retune the 6-7 blocks 

I did it from top to bottom 

only takes a couple minutes of your time .


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