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TV UE65F90 auto stop/sleep mode issue.

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My TV UE65F90 is going to sleep mode after 45 seconds...

It started a few months ago, just after the warranty extension ended.

It was first sometimes, then some minutes, now some seconds.

I tried what I found on the web : stopping all extended and eco power features incl camera, Power button for 1 or 2 minutes, and tried to find the eeprom on the board that was mentioned on some blogs, but it didn't find the one named for quite old TV.

I can't install the USB software upgrade, the option is not opened (in grey), but I'm quite sure it would not change anything as it came progressively.

It's sad as it is not under warranty anymore and it works perfectly... for 45 sec...

Any idea my friends?


CarloL Moderator

Hey @jpali! Do you have any other devices plugged into the same power socket as your TV? If so, do the other devices experience the same issue? Also, disconnect any device connected to the TV to check if the issue persists.

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Hello Carol,

Thanks for your answer.

The TV is plugged directly and alone into the wall plug and there is nothing connected to the TV nor the One Connect.

Any idea about the eeprom that might be harware reset or replaced?

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