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TV Screen has dark section

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Just purchased this TV last night at the local warehouse club and was excited to get home. Imagine my disappointment when surprised with a display that’s half-dark right out of the box. This is my third Samsung flat screen and never had this problem.  It’ll be going back to the store tonight, as i’m not in the mood for troubleshooting and opening up the back to fiddle with connections on the circuit boards. A real  inconvenience to get it home, and now have to take it back. 





ChrisM Moderator

Sad to hear this @Earnest. Did you manage to get your TV replaced?

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Hello Chris, thanks for the reply and sorry about the late response. 


But I took the TV back to the retailer and got a refund. The clerk at the store was required to take the TV out of the box and power it up to confirm my complaint of about a third of the display being blacked out. 


Although there were several TVs of the same brand and model on the shelves, I decided not to risk getting another one, hauling it home and experiencing the same problems. So I decided I would wait awhile and maybe try again later with maybe a more expensive model with even more display size and resolution. I have never had problems in the past with Samsung technology, but maybe my luck ran out, as this particular model was slightly discounted.  


Thanks for reaching out on my dilemma.



ChrisM Moderator

No problem, @Earnest! Keep us up to date when you decide to make your next purchase!

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