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TV Screen has dark section at top of screen

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TV : UE55JU6800K

Current software : T-HKMDEUC_1530.1


My TV has suddenly developed a semi transparent dark bar in top third of screen. It doesnt matter what input I use as it's there acroess all HDMI ports using many different HDMI cables. It's running the latest software as far as I can tell, have tried Auto Update and USB methods and both tell me there's no new updates available.

I've seen a couple of other similar posts on this site but there doesnt seem to be a definitive solution to this problem so I was wondering if anyone out there has any ideas? TV is approx 3 years old




Hello ,

you must contact the after sales service, because your TV needs to be repair

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I have the same problem. I am located in amman jordan. Can someone tell me what to do.  

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I have the same issue just appear. Did you get this sorted? If so what did you do? Thanks 

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