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TV Screen has dark section at bottom of screen

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Samsung TV Screen ‘Graded image blackout’ Fault.   Re - Samsung Model No. UE50 JU6800KXXU


The above TV is currently less than 2 years 5 months old and over the last few weeks we have started to notice that when ‘turned on’, the lower half of TV screen shows graded horizontal fading to complete ‘image blackout’ towards the bottom of the screen from the centre line.  At first the condition was only occasional and appeared for a few moments, it then recovered to full image without intervention.  However, the problem is now progressively becoming more frequent.  Sometimes the blackout remains constantly on and will not recover, requiring the TV to be turned ‘off’ and immediately back ‘on’ before eventually regaining full image.  We also think that the image definition now generally appears less bright and is less clear than it was before the condition first appeared.  It’s also now become obvious to us that the TV has become quite ’sluggish’ in operation for several months before and definitely takes longer to start up than it did originally .  On one occasion, the graded blackout condition also occurred towards the top half of the screen, gradually fading in image quality from the centre line upwards.  


In an attempt to isolate the cause of the problem, I have disconnected the TV’s aerial input from the Set Top receiver and connected the arial directly to the TV and operated the TV as a ‘standalone’ unit.  It made no difference, the fault condition intermittently continued.  I have run Samsung’s ‘Screen Self diagnostics’ the the Settings program and it surprisingly showed that ‘No Fault’ was detected.  I have reset the TV to ‘Factory Default’ in the hope of clearing the problem from its memory and also confirmed that the TV Software currently up to date.  None of these steps made any difference and the fault intermittently continues regardless.


Having researched on the Internet, I have now discovered many reports of similar faults on ‘Samsung’s TV Community Forum’ and realised that this, unfortunately is not an ‘uncommon’ Screen fault affecting many Samsung TV’s of similar age to ours.  Thanks to contributions from other Community members, I now realise this is a 'Fault in Progess' that will only worsen so looking into getting this repaired, hopefully under warranty.

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Thanks for your contribution, these together many other similar posts made me realise that I've got the same problem and I've been leaving it to develop further, originally being unsure of the cause.  Clearly it's a fault that will only develop and get worse over time, so have decided it needs to be addressed now.

Thanks to all that have bothered to report their experiences.

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My TV just started to have this problem a few days after Warranty ended.

I just used it to watch a movie 1 or 2 times per week, its like NEW!

Samsung should have some action about this "general" problem.

For sure, me and all other persons affected by this problem will not buy another Samsung TV if Samsung doesn't care about this kind of problems and their clients.



Mine is doing the same and has developed a bright glow in the bottom right corner since this pic was taken. It’s out of warranty but is a regular problem from what I have read. 

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Having researched on the Internet and discovered many reports of similar fault conditions on this Forum I realised that this, unfortunately is not an ‘uncommon’ Screen fault affecting many Samsung TV’s of a similar age. Our TV fortunately was purchased from ’Curry’s’ that specifically included their 5 year ‘Knowhow Customer Care Guarantee’. It was part of a Christmas promotion, so I reported and described in full the problem to Curry’s Customer Care Team.  Curry’s ‘Knowhow’ Customer Care noted the fault and instructed me to notify them again when it next occurred.   Inevitably it reoccurred and Curry’s, ‘as promised’ promptly collected and agreed the TV was faulty and repaired the defect, within a week of my report, saying they had replaced the screen ‘back light’.  We’ve now had our  TV back for a week and the problem appears to have been fixed. Incidentally the screen image is now much brighter and is definitely a lot sharper. We hadn’t appreciated how the image quality had deteriorated over time. I have included my account for the benefit of others in a similar position.  Like many Guarantees you only ever get to know how ‘good’ they actually are ‘when you need to call upon them’.  In our case the outcome was very positive and the guarantee ultimately turned out to be a great asset.  I’ve had 2 previous Samsung TV’s without experiencing any issues or well over a period of 10 years or so.

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Are you having a laugh? I think a lot of people are really angry that their expensive TV has gone wrong just outside the warranty period.  Our 2-year-old TV developed the exact same fault the i.e. the vertical shadow on the right-hand side 2 weeks after the end of our warranty.  No one expects to replace an £850 electrical item every 2 years.   Think I'm going to alert Which who should be investigating this on behalf of the consumer.   Next time we're buying a Sony TV with a 5-year guarantee. 

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UN55NU8500 Black cloud going through middle of screen after only 3 months.   Just missed 90 day return by a week. Smh...


Let’s see how Samsung handles this.

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