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TV Screen has dark section at bottom of screen


Who has a 2015 UE40JU6000, with a similar dark patch upper middle of the screen, and speaks french?



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So it didn't need a new screen, like some have said?

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I have the exact same problem, but unfortunately when I called Samsung support they told me my TV only had a one year warranty and I had it for over a year and a half. I'm really ticked off about that. They want me to pay for repairing a piece of junk TV. Why would I want to pay to fix a substandard TV? Now I know why Samsung's reliability is rated poorly.


Samsung TV 4K LED HDR

Bought in 2017 at Costco (California, US)

Manufactured April 2017





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I am getting a vertical dark band on my Samsung UE55KU6470 out of warranty bought 2 years ago seen other posts on what to look for took the back off no obvious loose connections etc. Now the weird thing is if I press lightly on edging at the bottom of the TV the band dissappears something must be loose? Temporary fix put 2 strips of electrical tape around bottom of case to apply pressure band gone! any tips on what it could be? Doesnt sound like a new screen or led strips?


I just had this happen to my KS8000 60 inch I bought two years ago.  Started maybe a month ago.  Called customer support and they confirmed it was a problem with the TV and it needed to be repaired.  They said it was out of warranty though so I would have to pay for the repairs.  I complained about this and they at least offered to cover the parts.  But I still have to pay a few hundred dollars for labor.  


I guess it is better than nothing, but it still really cheeses me off.  I paid almost $2K for this TV and the dang thing doesn't even last two years?  Seems like a common problem with this TV.  I've had a lot of Samsung products over the years, but never again.  If they won't stand behind their higher end products like this then I am done with them.

I bought my 55KU7000 in South Africa end 2016 and moved to New Zealand shortly after. I have same black smudges on my TV for a long time now. What is my course of action?
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Update: temporary fixed dark vertical band with a clamp lol! Something is loose will have a good look when I get time.  Out of warranty not getting fobbed off with a new screen! Never buying Samsung again!!!

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Hi all,

I've the same problem, vertical dark zone.

I've tried the clamp suggestion withou success.

Me and my cat open it to try to fix it.

It has a very strong stickers on top corners. I had to cut it with a knife (red circles).




As you can see on foto above, the top cable is not well inserted.

I've remove the cable and insert it again



Then the image was like this:




I've unpluged all cables, clean it with DW40 and plug it again

Then it was like in the begining :( with the vertical dark section.


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Hi guys. If you're having issues with your picture similar to those experienced by @anjoze then I recommend contacting an authorised Support Centre to arrange an inspection. To find your nearest one please check the following link, select 'TV & AV > Television' and enter your post code.

While I appreciate that it can be tempting to resolve the issue yourself, please be aware that unauthorised repair attempts can affect your warranty, therefore I would advise against it where possible.
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