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TV Screen has dark section at bottom of screen


I've had this problem becoming more evident over several months this year. I've had it repaired under guarantee, now twice and the repair report indicated they replaced the 'back light' in the first instance to fix bottom 'screen blackout' and following repair, about 6 weeks later the top of the screen intermittently started to black out.  Luckily I have 5 year warranty and am now into 3rd year, but I now have lost confidence in Samsung and fully expect my T V to go wrong again. Since the the 2nd repair, it's already showing signs of developing the same fault again.  One one occasion the whole screen darkened and functionality froze, it wouldn't readily change channel and signal was lost. I turned TV off for rest of the night. Next day, all was apparently OK. So I am currently waiting to see what happens next.



Total *****!!!

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Similar (but worse in my opinion) problem here, TV is not even 3 years old, but of course just shy out of warranty. And this was supposed to be a “flagship” model back in the day KS8000!!!


Contacted local Samsung representatives, sent me off to some authorized service centers, where the only option is to replace the whole LCD panel, which makes no economic sense at this point!


By the looks of things this is a rather common issue, one or more of the edge-lit LEDs overheats and/or burns out, resulting in dimmed image/bands or worse destroying the LCD diffuser layer (which of course you cannot get a stand-alone replacement part from Samsung…)


I have always thought of Samsung as a high quality brand, apparently the truth is they are high quality in terms of advertising/quality but not


I bought 2 Samsung TVs for myself (the one that burned and another one that has what can only be described as a HAIR stuck inside the LCD panel!!!), 1 for my parents and recommended (BIG mistake!) Samsung TVs to 3 friends, who went ahead and bought them….never again!


From hereon it will be Sony, LG even Phillips or Panasonic perhaps, but no more Samsung products!

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I have a 65" model UN65KS8500 that is just shy of 3 years old. It is doing the same thing as seen in this photo. I ran the test and it failed all 3 and gave a message to contact support. 


I thought Samsung was a high quality brand but after seeing all of these same issues I am not so sure. Hoping I don't have to go out and buy a new replacement tv. I would expect this to last a lot longer, especially for the cost. 




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