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TV Samsung UE65MU6172U - internet disconnected when connected to bluetooth device

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I own one of Samsung's TVs, more precisely a model UE65MU6172U with lastest software update - 1270.
There is a problem with Wi-Fi internet connection which only occurs when TV is connected with one of the bluetooth headphones/speakers (in my occasion Bose QC35 II or JBL Charge 3). 
So, usually when I use Youtube app or Netflix app on TV without any of the bluetooth devices connected, there is no problem with Wi-Fi. But as soon as I connect one of the devices to TV or usually after 10-20 minutes of playback, there is a connection problem: "No access - network (triangle with an exclamation mark inside)" and as I go into Network Status it says: "Wireless network disconnected" and "Cannot connect to the wireless router. Try the following: - Ensure the wireless router is powered on and try resetting the power of wireless router, - Check the security key if the wireless router has security key." In the meantime all other devices (i.e. phone, computers...) have working internet connection - that means it's not the problem in the router or Wi-Fi.
Then in disconnect the bluetooth device from TV and I reset the TV (and don't connect bluetooth device again) and the TV automatically connects to internet and then it works flawlessly.
Also, when I watch something via harddrive (not depending on internet connection), everything works fine.
So, after many same occurances of this kind of problem, it seems that TV can't stay connected to Wi-Fi internet while there is a bluetooth device connected.
I also tried few factory resets of the TV and the problem still persists.

I would like to resolve this problem with your help.

other information about TV:
model code:  UE65MU6172UXXH

version no.: 02
S/N: 0AG53SJJA02746Y 

Kind regards

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