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TV Repair experiences

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Bought a new 49 inch QE49Q6FN for £900 at the start of November. It broke 5 weeks ago, flashing lines across the screen.


Reported the issue February 22nd. 2 weeks ago the repair team came out but they said they brought the wrong part and had to take the TV back with them. 

I phoned earlier in the week and still no update.

Is 5 weeks normal and counting normal for a repair? Into my 6 week on Monday. It’s not really acceptable.

It’s the most expensive single item I’ve ever bought for myself.


Doubt I’ll be buying Samsung again. 

Poor product and poor support.


Should I raise this up to Customer Complaints?

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Derry101.


This isn't the sort of experience we like to hear of. Have you contacted the Service Centre directly to see what's causing the delay?

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