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Something I did you may want to do: I performed some updates to the app that was canstantly being interrupted (HULU) and also to the Samsung firmware. It helped.


Another thing I did that you may or may not want to do: I have had other issues with the Samsung SmartTV... therefore, it has been banished upstairs to the loft and is rarely used. The replcement TV is not giving me these issues.

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I tried the "Live TV" button again yesterday. This time I got a "snowy" screen and a button giving me the option to rescan for channels. I did this and all Freeview channels are now back and working.

Whether this is due to Samsung actually listening to us or due to Freeview upgrading it's frequencies recently I don't know.

TV+ is still the default and the guide is for the "4000" channels until I actually select Live TV and I then get the proper Freeview guide (back to TV+ though when I exit and go back in).

I am pleased that I now have my Freeview back working but I would still like this TV+ garbage to be remove once and for all. It has nothing to offer and is simply an app for the sake of having another app.

Thanks to whoever fixed the Freeview problem but PLEASE get rid of TV+.




Why do these channels keep appearing 




but yet they come on every time we turn the tv on


pile of ***** Samsung 

never again


its illegal to force this on my kids 



Did you try removing the TV+ channels following the video linked to on the previous page?

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This does not deete the banner with all movies for rent etc... i found an even better way.... just go to the apps and lock with a code TV plus... it will not show the banner anymore!!!!! Hope that helps


Doesnt work 

tv starts up on channel 4051 


the channel has been deleted !! It’s not in the channel list !! All the apps are locked I have been through everything this problem I have had for 2 years !!! 


4051 comes back again and again and again 

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