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Yes, this is exactly what happens to us.  It's completely inappropriate.  The only way to counter this is to boycott Samsung TVs.

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Agreed.  If this is their pathetic attempt to get more money off customers then we just have to vote with our feet.

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Yes, I experience this exact issue. I have no channels in my Guide but Rakuten TV auto-plays with unsuitable trailers.
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Actually it doesn't permanently remove it on my model (UE40MU6400).  The four Rakuten channels come back and the default app is forced back to TV Plus.  Quite what causes that (e.g. firmware update, completely unplugging from power) I don't know.  All I do know is that after performing the steps recommended by the Samsung helpdesk (and being assured it would not come back) it did.  And my 5 and 8 years old kids saw things they shouldn't have.


Yes Same issue inappropriate adds, #1 worst thing about this otherwise really good TV, but black mark against samsung come on guys fix this. , I deleted the TV Plus channel as suggested in other forums but they have come back. 

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Deleting the 4000 channels from the list has worked for me so far. Now the cunning barstewards have managed to get round it by forcing the TV onto channel 4000 at switch on, even though the chanbel is no longer in the channel list.  I agree with the sentiment expressed here that annoying their customers to this extent is going to destroy brand loyalty. I certainly won't be buying another Samsung TV in future.

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This solution does not work for me. The options don't even appear.


@BrianCarlson24 wrote:

This solution does not work for me. The options don't even appear.

The one via the service menu, or the one where you delete the channels & lock the app (shown in this video

Somewhere in the settings you can tell the TV to open last used app. So if Freesat/Digital TV was on when you power down the when the TV restarts it goes back to Freesat. I have no issue with Roku app I moved it to the end and I think if you press down you can remove it from the home page (still installed but not visible)
Guys dont be scared to mess about with settings and apps that is what factory reset is for you can not physically break it.

Samsung, there are 17 pages of people who hate this app. Let us get rid of it.


(I've tried the solutions presnted here and like others, it always comes back)

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