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Hi @lococol.


Has this solved the issue for you?


It seems that the issue is all sorted now. Thank you. It should never have been forced upon me though. Glad for the help. Thank you


Hi, This might be helpful to anyone who finds that they can't edit their channel list. I found myself in this position and discovered I had channel lock selected in my settings. I deselected this and was then able to delete the TV plus channels 4000 - 4001


This TV+ is truly annoying. This ***** was not there when I bought the TV but they have installed this via updates later. We must be able to sue Samsung for installation of unwanted malware making their own customers frustrated and utilsiuti the internet connection bandwidth without our consent. This is a privacy violation. 


This is the last time. I would never buy a single thing from Samsung!


Read through this post and you will find how to sort it and get rid of the channels 


Now the tv has started switching from the pc while I am using it. It happens randomly and displays the message 'unable to connect to the server. try again later'. I think its trying to connect to TVplus but I deleted all the channels. Icant use my PC for more than 10 mins without it changing to this message. Really tired of this TV already. What is it doing? Anyone please. I dont care about TV Samsung. I use it as a PC monitor, watch Youtube and Netflix. THIS IS IT! I dont care about TV. 




Can someone explain in detail how to remove this junk of a TV with the most current version of their software. A lot of the options people have discussed aren't possible on the new software. The settings themselves don't exist. I have the KS7000 which comes with Tizen 2.4. Thanks in advance.

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Same here for me. Deleted channels as per instructions, now I see the “Unable to connect to the server” message regularly. Thankfully the only source it seems to switch from is my Virgin Media TiVo V6 box which we only use once in a while, would be really annoyed if the PS4 or Apple TV 4K started to do it.


Does anybody from Samsung read these forums, or are they just not cared? Just leave the TV alone, TV Plus is never going to take on the decent streaming providers so just stick to making great tech.

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I have read many solutions on here, some work some don’t , but the bottom line Samsung should not be doing this. If they have put this app on our tv then they should give us a proper way to delete or disable it . 

No one should be forced to watch tv plus adverts . 

I’m seriously considering suing them for intruding on my privacy in my own home trying to sell me garbage I don’t want . I paid for the tv not the ads.


Does anyone think you can actually legally return the tv for this in the UK? I have had it for 6 weeks and it is bcoming unusable as a computer monitor. I mean, I cant do anywork without getting interupted with a server message. Its a shame because it is an amzing screen with a lot of work real estate. The problem with these companies is that they tell you what you want with a screen rather than letting you decide. Corporate arrogance. 

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