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I don't have live TV as an option because I removed it from my central apps. This isn't hard you just press remove from home as per my picture. However as I've shown earlier. When you do that it retreats to the "sources tab where it still has control on your the start up if you don't have a cable box installed. If someone has an idea how to remove it from sources that will be the ultimate way to remove it but just deleting it from your home screen will do nothing but make your layout more attractive.15297817913611676781312251380524.jpg



I think we may have different software. Yours looks different to mine. I have a Q7C


I don't understand how Samsung is allowed to do such privacy invasion, especially in EU while the GDPR kinda regulations also keep emerging. They must be sued!


Rang samsung support last friday and they confurmed the mu series tv's have a software issue with the tv plus app and no date of when this will be fixed.


I bet its not just the mu series. Q7 too no doubt.


Pretty much decided that I will never buy another Samsung product again. Wish I had gone with a regular computer monitor like Asus or BENQ now. Imagine doing something important on your computer then all of a sudden the monitor decides to switch inputs, it doesnt happen, unless you have a Scamsung.


I also am determined not to buy any Samsung product ever! Even my TV became faulty right at the end of the 1 year Warrenty and the Samsung S3 I used a few years back continously kept getting disconnected while making calls. And this TV+ thing frustrated me to death!!


Try doing a reset, then reinstall without agreeing to anything!


On the second run we did this , and although the blue TvPlus icon was still there, the second TVPlus App icon was not, so presumably the code for nuisance app had not been activated


Anyway, in the Channel List, we had not noticed any TVPlus channels in the first place but routinely delete all unwanted channels, and use the Favourites List all the time instead, btw the favourites re-order function soon failed, also see below.


Additional Workarounds:


- Use a universal remote with macros for access to the hub to get the more useful 'Live Terrestrial/Freesat' highlighted, and to return from most other menus straight through the hub to watching live Tv.


- Select the Favourite Channels in the desired order, instead of trying re-order.


Otherwise Samsung Tvs have by far the best features but, from bitter experience with two F8000s, if one of its quirks is just too annoying it's best to reject the Tv as unfit for purpose.




To save the spinning busy thingy when an input has not been configured,

and when you still want Anynet to work,

but don't want the mobile phone facilities:-


Settings> General> Network> Expert Settings> Power On with Mobile = OFF and IPv6 = OFF






Quick check on my tv pluse before i went to work, and it was working?

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