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Same with our TV 8000 type ... our 6 yo boy turns it on and here it is We're Venom and nightmares are here! My oh figured out if you switch the channel to at least tv us family it will stay on streaming this channel opposed to "whats new" we managed to delete all channels but after switching the tv on its back there! Haven't signed up to any ada with Samsung so this is very annoying and unfair of them pushing stuff through
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Mine was doing that. I deleted all selections of favorites from tv plus app then click settings, general, smart features, turn off autorun last app.


If the problem still persists, follow same set of instructions then proceed to turn off autorun smart hub as well.


Hi. I appreciate it's just over a year ago since you posted a question about getting rid of TV Plus on the Samsung website, but if only for future reference, Samsung stopped TV Plus in late 2016. Generally in favour of Freeview Play. So I'm pretty sure whoever you bought the TV off in 2018 (possibly Currys/PCWorld?) were using any "Special Offer" price in order to get rid of old stock. It's a very common practice with such retailers. Cheers.

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Ummm.... you don't know what you are talking about.  I am a dealer and that TV is from last year Q8 series.  But thanks.


The original poster of this question didn't state which model he was referring to. I'm confused as to how you he was talking about a Q8 Series TV?


TV Plus is absolutely not discontinued, at least in the US. TV Plus reinstalls itself on all of my new TVs (including Q8). The programming is current, and new terrible channels are added regularly.   

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Worked for me thank you. 👍
Random advertising trailers and extra top row on menu bar now clear. 


They do so come back if a channel update runs (either manually or auto) but deleting them is now easy. 
Model UE55NU8000
SW 1251

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Its utter ***** that throws off the perspective on Amazon Prime and other apps. So if your wondering why the picture is stretched out of proportion on other apps, it because of this pointless, we didn't ask for it *****. Its *****.

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I have a Samsung TV which I watch LiveTV by way of roof top antenna. One day several months ago I noticed that LivePlus was added as a source app. I have had any problems after making it a source I can select. Samsung has somehow attached TV plus to my live TV app so I have it selected as primary source so  when TV is turned on I get my antenna channels 3 thru 65 and TV Plus channels I think 1050 to around 1500.


Hey @Wing2012, have you tried following the steps in this video.. it should get rid of those TV Plus channels

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