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TV Plus will not load

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 Our television was purchased early 2018 - I don't remember the model number at the moment as I am at work but it is a UE50MU...........   About 2 weeks ago the TV Plus app would not load.  Every time I tried to select a film it switched to one of the other 4000/4001/4002 or 4003 channels.  I contacted Samsung and they looked at the television remotely.  Reset the Smart Hub twice, reset the television three times and still had the same problem.  I was told by Samsung that it is an app issue and to contact TV Plus.  TV Plus say its a Samsung problem.  Then last night another problem appeared.  We couldn't get any terrestrial channels.  I have the Live TV Terrestrail app where the television scanned for all the digital channels, but it wouldn't connect and said there is no connection.   I then tried TV Plus and was surprised to see that the television channels were on there.  Initially selected BBC one but it then went blank.  Then after trying again selected BBC one again and managed to watch the programme.  I am now concerned that our television has more problems just than an App not loading.  


Has anyone else experienced problems with their apps or television?


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I just bought a  Samsung M4500 Series last week. Two days after that all the  TVPLus channels when blank. I can't seem to get them back. I have even reset the Tv. Still nothing. I really like the Classic Tv channel that was on there. Gone now.  Not happy with my Samsung TV.



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I just bought a new Samsung TV a few weeks ago. And my Samsung TV app won't load either 

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My tv plus app say it is no longer available and I have purchased movies on there

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Samsung's TV Plus partnered with Fandango for this service no longer available. However, you can find all your purchased content on the Fandango app using the same credentials. I hope this helped. If additional help is required, please contact FandangoNow customer support.
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