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TV Model UE40JU6400 Sorting Channels

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Does anyone have an easier way of sorting the channels other than onscreen? Just had to do a retune and now channels are all over the place. I went to SamyChan which I had used before but the TV won't recognise the CSV file that site now produces. To make matters more complicated, I have a Mac not PC. Any help would be appreciated as Samsung clearly don't think users should have an easy life!! Many thanks.

AndrewL Moderator
@PKWYorks: You can rearrange the order or delete channels on the TV itself, however it is regretfully not possible to do this externally. Menu/123 > Menu > Broadcasting > Edit Channel > Change Number or Delete.
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Yes, I am aware of the ability to rearrange the channels on the TV it's just a bore ache to use the TV to do it. It's about the most unfriendly system/method you could devise. Each channel has to be selected then moved then deselected then the same for all, that's an awful lot of buttons to be pushed when it should be feasible to do it via spreadsheet or something similar.

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