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TV KS7000 screen go black

Exactly the same for me, also experiencing random sound drop outs via toslink now for surround sound.

Moderators are absolutely NO help in this forum, I have yet to see them confirm an issue, raise it internally and provide a solution.

FYI: If anyone wants to get there money back quote this issue and fit for purpose sales act.


So is that it SAMSUNG, is this all the help we are going to get (no help)?


Apparently they are now actually responding and promising a fix:

However, as of June 8th 2017 the situation is still pretty dire. :(
How about a nice video collection of your (frustrated) customers samsung ?


So after a long and arduous voyage with Samsung Support, they came by a few times and replaced parts on the TV.
It was actually fixed by replacing the main board of the TV.  Changing OneConnect Box or Cables had no effect.

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Whis they would sort out my recording issue!

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Trying desperatly to get some support from Samsung on this but the support desk is one of the worths i've seen-  really unprofessional from a brand like this



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