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TV KS7000 screen go black

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I've bought a TV samsung KS7000 , and i have some issue

The Tv is connectect to my PC in HDMI -

Randomly - the TV go black for few seconds .

I've edit the source where i've plug the pc as "blue-ray" so i can use HDR mode ; but quite often the source go back as PC itself.


My feeling is that the tv try to resynchronise  the connection with the PC . going though many website it seems to be a "hdmi hansake issue"

i've bought a new HDMi cable and i still have the issue


any idea how i can fixe this ?






KellyM Moderator

Hello and welcome, Caelen!


If the PC's video output is set to a resolution that is not supported, the screen may go blank. Have you tried adjusting the resolution according to the user guide for the graphics card?


You can also turn on HDMI UHD Colour under the TV's picture settings. 


Be sure to have a play around with this!


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Hi KellyM
Thanks for you answer
Pc is set to 3 840 × 2 160 and screen go black only for few seconds.
Which user guide are you referring too?
UHD color is already on
KellyM Moderator



Please see page 108 from the User Manual for more information on the supported resolutions for your TV. 


How often does the screen go blank? If you change the name of the HDMI port to 'PC' does the same issue occur? 

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HI Kelly;

Sorry for the delay answer


the  rezolution is on the manual

3840 x 2160
60 Hz


if i put the name of the HDMI i still have the same issue
the sceen go black randomly : i can not have the issue for few hours; and then it go black every  2 mn. i then need to reboot PC and screen in order to have it working again

I have the same problem with my KS7000 55" and I have a friend who has the 49" model that has the same issue as well. Mine is connected to Asus GTX 1080, his to an Asus GTX 970. I don't think this happens on any other sources such as my Nvidia Shield, WiiU, PS3 or Xbox360. So it seems to be isolated to PC connections.

Source is set to PC, and the black screen has happened 4 times while typing this post.
(black screen is about a second long)
Happens both 3840x2160 60Hz 8bpc in RGB or YCbCr444.



This is a major issue, 100's of people have it with there PS4 pros (including me as well)



Nothing? Thanks Samsung!


2 weeks I will give it before I take the tv back and demand my money back towards an LG.


So I've found that rebooting the TV or setting the PC display output to 3840p30Hz & back again to 3840p60Hz sometimes fixes it. This is very frustrating to experience these issues with a flagship tier samsung product.


Your customer support via Facebook has also been very unhelpful to say the least, as I had to explain the issue 3 times like I was talking to a 4 year old and in the end they were even mocking me and sending me off to just go deal with it at the store where I bought it. What the hell, Samsung !? 0/10 for customer service !


I find it strange that the black screen issue is present on a LOT of samsung TVs, not just the European KS7000 & KS8000 range.  Frankly I'm kind of sick that this issue hasn't gotten adressed formally at all. 

The Samsung Community forums & the Playstation Community forums are just one of the few places where complaints about this have been pouring in while Samsung is content to seemingly ignore it.

35+ Pages of comments

19+ Pages of comments


33+ Pages of comments


Well said, I am posting on both as well as the Nintendo forums which has even more issues with these TV's and HDMI signal handling:

14+ pages of comments

I have also tried to communicate with Samsung Technical help....for anybody looking to use them, don't bother! All they know is how to access the reset function on the tv, after they are 100% useless and add no value to Samsung products in any way.


Got an LG now :0)

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