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TCON Board models

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I have a UE48H6240AK which has developed a single horizontal line in the very middle of the screen. It does change with the image so I do not think it is the panel. Believing the TCon may be at fault, I have removed th TCON which has printed on the board "model :BN41-02110". Would any replacement board of the same model work? On the label stuck on the board it also states "BN95-01309A" and 48H6200-6410. I presume some of these are production runs, so can anyone confirm if one BN41-02110 is the same as any other, or will it need to be BN95-01309A" and 48H6200-6410 too? Thanks in advance

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Superuser I

I would only use the original board model, any change in the setup might break more things, even though it might work - I would not risk it.


Personally I would always recommend using a Samsung approved repair service to avoid any additional damage to your product.

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AS @SjorsK has mentioned, it's always best to contact a Service Centre regarding any repairs. This link will direct your to the closest in your area but please be aware that the engineer may not repair it if you have already attempted to. 

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