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Suddenly iptv stop working...

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Hi all, 

Few days ago my samsung smart tv (ue40n5300tv) IPTV suddenly stop working with non reason.

I'm using wifi connection, everything connected and netflix or youtube works fine.

Apps for iptv (m3u8) watch  I used about a year with out any problem called : Smart iptv (Purchased after 7 day trial) everything worked well... But about few days ago it suddenly stopped working. I though it may be (m3u8 list problem) I downloaded  list to my pc and the list works on (vlc) fine or I triend playing it on phone app was working fine too, not issue in streaming provider... 

I tried to unistall smart iptv and reinstall it with new configured list. Not helped everything seems fine the app show all channels updated from the list including epg but when I try to play any channel I see only black screen and error message like stream error..

I tried another IPTV (ottPLAYER) same issue its find all channels and update always list from provider but when I  try to to play any channel I only see a  black screen and non stop loading loop. This seems to be only issue in TV. 

Please need help, I only have IPTV channels so I can't watch normally tv right now.

Thank you.

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I have the same TV model (ue40n5300tv) and the same problem appeared yesterday.
The OttPlayer just does not connect to IPTV (98 % of the cases) and the screen is black .
The Netflix works fine on ue40n5300tv
The problem started yesterday. I tried to a factory reset - but it did not help.
On my mobile phone and other LG player, the Ottplayer works fine with the same m3u8 list.

Something has changed. I have spent a full day and cross-checked all the possibilities and the problem occurs only on ue40n5300tv. Other IPTV applications like Smart IPTV or MAKO also have the same problem on ue40n5300tv only.
I would say that there is a chance that Samsung has updated the firmware on ue40n5300tv and this is causes to incompatibility issues with some less kown application.
Niklon, did you solve the issue ?
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Yes problem was in my internet provider not at tv. And its affected only samsung tv very strange. Try another isp

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Thanks for your respond. Indeed another ISP solved the problem. Very strange that only the Sumsung tv is affected. Do you suspect that the ISP is blocking some of the IPTV content by identifying the desination IP addresses and IP ports and is also identifying the Samsung tv?

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