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Stuck pixel? (UE49MU8000)


Hi there,


I just noticed this annoying bright green pixel on my TV. At first I thought it might have been a scratch or something (like when you have a screen protector with scratches and the light comes through). I am still unsure if it's a stuck pixel (I have cleaned the area with distilled water and a microfiber cloth and it didn't feel like the area was damaged) seeing as it seems to switch colors depending on the background.


I tried the picture test on the TV and as said before it's bright green on black and it was magenta(ish) on white. During regular viewing it doesn't stand out as much but it does seem to switch colours depending on what's in the background (is that normal for a stuck pixel? I thought they would stay the same color throughout, e.g. bright green). 


Any help is greatly appreciated! 




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