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Streaming speed above 1 mbps

Hi everyone, just bought a UN55NU7300 TV to improve from my old Samsung plasma.

I am not a super tech guy, but I am unable to have full HD or 4K on netflix.

I have done a speed test directly on the TV and got 16 mbps, but when watching netflix, I have only 1,05 mbps even less.

While watching netflix directly on the app of the TV and monitoring the speed and resolution by the «info» button on the remote, I get only 480 or 720, with max 1,05 mbps.

The TV is plug directly by cable in the modem.

When I am watching netflix directly on the Xbox, I am able to have full HD.

I bought this TV to stream in 4K, but I am not even getting HD, to have it I still have to pass by my Xbox, it'S annoying, my old 32 inch smart tv from samsung does have a better resolution on streaming then the NU7300, and it is not a 4k TV.

Is there anything I can do so I can improve streaming speed on the TV?



AndrewL Moderator
@Greenaccountant: To consistently stream Netflix in HD, your connection should be able to sustain a connection speed of 5 megabits per second or higher, therefore if the TV is struggling to maintain this speed then this is likely to be why you're experiencing issues. To troubleshoot this issue please sign in to Netflix on your home computer and go to Account > My Profile > Playback Settings to check your available options.

As a troubleshooting step please try establishing a Wireless connection with the TV by going to Settings > General > Network > Open Network Settings > Wireless, and follow the on screen instructions. Do you notice an improvement?

I have tried wireless connection and ethernet connection, but both have bad speed.

I have tried to plug the TV directly to the modem, without going through the router, by ethernet cable, and still have bad speed. When I am doing the speed test in the browser of the TV, I get 16 mbps. Can't figure out why speed is so slow on the netflix app. Didn't have tried on another app yet.

Finally, thanks to your tip, I went in Netflix setting to change the playback option from «auto» to «high quality» and then I re-install the Netflix app on the TV and now it is working fine. I have 11 to 15 mbps while on Netflix and I can get 2160 resolution.

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