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Streaming problems, no picture no sound...UE65MU7005

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Hi, i am (not so proud ) owner of UE65MU7005.

Now i hate it for non comming updates, so i will not be able to watcth AppleTV+ or Disney plus on one not that cheap and not that old TV (do you expect me to buy a new one ever 3 years???? if i do that, it won't be Samsung) but i must say that i have a problems with it from a day one....

like many of you, problems with streaming apps.
Netflix, Amazon, Viaplay, my local IPTV....everything works, sometimes.
but often not...

i have no sound, no picture only subtitles goes....

have tryied with another network router, restarted TV few times, set DNS to connected TV to router by cable, some other thing suggested by support and that i have finded on net....nothing helps.
so, there is only one use Fire TV stick.

So, Samsung, what do you have to say in your deffence???

why would anyone buy "smart" TV from Samsung if it doesn't work as it should???

and where is support, updates???



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