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Strange video artefact ue50mu6120

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its been a few days since we used this tv and it has developed something weird on the left of the screen. It is a bar, about 5% of the screen width. It appears to be something relating to the far right of the screen as the colours match. It only seems to happen on video - you get it in Netflix or amazon video, but you don’t get it on the menus or still images. I cannot comment on tv performance as we don’t have a license to check this.


We have had the tv for months and this is the first time it has happened. I’ve reset the picture, to no avail. I’ve confirmed it occurs on both Netflix and amazon, so this implies it is not down to the individual apps.


Any further suggestions before we chase to get it repaired?




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Did you manage to fix this.


I'm getting the same issue today on my UE49MU6400.


All video sources have this issue, netflix, freesat (all channels) and the nintendo switch.


Screen also seems a bit darker too.


Bizarely all app menus ignore this problem, the samsung menu, netflix menu, etc.

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I had to resort to a full factory reset. Anywhere that I posed the question came up with no answer. I had thought that this forum was monitored by Samsung but perhaps not. One way or another, there is a fault which they need to sort.

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