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Sources - Unknown or HDMI 1

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Last year, my brother bougt a TV UE55MU6172U. Few weeks ago, I bought a TV UE65NU7172. We both bought Apple TV 4K, connected it to the TVs. His TV recognize it in Sources as Apple TV, rename it to APple TV and change the icon. I've done the same, but always says only HDMI 1 (or 2 or 3...). Any idea why my TV doesn't recognize it? I know it's a minor problem, but I like it the way, my brother has it


Any idea?


Thanks, Jakub


ChrisM Moderator

Hi @jakudo.


That's strange! The TV should automatically recognise the device that's connected to it and name it accordingly, as it has with your brother's TV. Have you tried a different HDMI cable? Does the Apple TV work OK?

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I think so, it should recognise it.

I've just tried the old HDMI1.4 cable (I had it with previous TV), now I have HDMI 2 (the one Apple recommend on their website) and everything works just great. Only this is a bug (not serious of course )

I've also tried all HDMI port in the TV. It works OK in all of them, but none of them recognize the Apple TV...

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I've been having the same issue only recently, but with my FireTV. My TV recognized it for a while, then all of a sudden it stopped and i've tried resetting the fireTV and I reset the TV as well, but still won't recognize. idk what it could be at this point. Did you find a solution?

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No I didn’t find any solution. I’ve tried to change hdmi cable, change the hdmi port, reset apple tv and samsung tv but nothing works. Still the same... :-/

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