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Sound fluctuating with external speakers

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Hi guys,

I have a SAMSUNG 75" QLED/UHD/SMART - QE75Q8DNATXXC bought 10 months ago.


First the technical setup:

I have two small active speakers and a small subwoofer running without an amplifier and connected to the Samsung TV through optical signal cable.

The brand is Argon and is detected by the Samsung TV as Denon speakers. Like most other stuff they receive signals through IR.


Then I have my Panasonic Blu-ray player connected through HDMI in HDMI port 1.


The challenge:

Controlling the speakers audio is no problem with the Samsung remote.

Problem is when I want to watch a Blu-ray movie. If I use the original remote from Panasonic or use the Samsung TV remote doesn't really matter. In this case the result and my frustration is the same either way.

Every time I want to skip scenes in the movie I'm watching or fast forward/backward. In fact any kind of remote control action aimed at the Blu-ray player will either turn the volume of the speakers gradually all the way up or all the way down.


Have anybody a good work-around for this kind of problem? It's trully frustrating as suddenly after fast forwarding I can end up blowing the speakers.

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Also a second question guys.

After setting up the Bluray player for use with Samsung smart remote.


Every time I turn on the TV now then also the Bluray player turns on.

Is there a setting or a way to prevent that?

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Hey, I have the Argon Forte A5 aktive speakers with a Samsung q55r60 qled tv wich have a smart remote, and I couldn't get the remote to control the speakers. How did you get it to work

Thanks in advance 

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