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Software 1103 (Freesync support) not available in Europe for 2018 models? (NU8000)


Hello all,


Software version 1103 has been released on the 21st of May, but it seems that European televisions are still not getting this update. Does anyone know when/if this will be release? I've bought this television especially to test Freesync support (which comes with 1103), so this is a pretty big disappointment after buying this TV.


For example, American NU8000:

And (in this case the Dutch model) European models are still stuck on 1023


Thanks in advance.

Superuser I
Superuser I

Know this is an old thread but upon checking the latest firmware for NU8000 is 1202.3, so certainly should include Freesync support as is the case for all 2018 models.


Here is link to earlier Freesync discussion

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