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Smasung ks9000 and ps4 settings issue



So I've had my pspro and a smasung ks9000 for nearly a year and I've always been able to adjust HDMI black level.


Today I can't....


Nothing has changed.  I'm playing infamous 2nd son on pspro.


Noticed it was too dark and went into settings. Game mode . Console mode. Expert settings. And it's been greyed out.


Pspro set on 4k mode. Hdr.


Never seen this and it's annoying. But samsung has a habit of updating my stuff for the worse.


Any ideas why this has happened ?

CarlH Moderator

Hi @Endlessproblems. Have you recently swapped out the HDMI cable for a different one? Have you restarted both your TV and PS4 Pro?

Hello. Thanks for the reply.


No I have not made any changes.


The game is an older one. Infamous 3 from 2014 but other than that same old pspro , cables and tv but I've lost a useful option.  Oddly enough I've gained something called PIP.  No idea if this is an update issue or not but it's a function I need and use to help with games.



It's also greyed out on smartview as well so no cables.


It's setting it self automatically.


Why on earth would it suddenly start doing this ? Is it an update or a error.


Can you still access this function?

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