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Smarthub not working - possible MAC Address issue?

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I bought a 43 Samsung Smart about two weeks ago. The Smarthub was working just fine until this passed Tuesday when I recieved a "connection error" message. the connection did reset but I was having trouble with the hub still (i.e. crashing, buffering, or apps flat out not loading). I tried all the suggestions I could find from cold rebooting the tv to the various IP/DNS trickery, checking the firmware, to even resetting the Smarthub altogether.


I came to the conclusion today it must be a MAC address issue, because I tethered my mobile hotspot to the tv and the smarthub worked perfectly! The catch is when I checked my router's MAC Address Filtering list, my Samsung tv shows up, yet I still can't get the Smarthub to function correctly.


What could be the issue and why would my router block the MAC address even if it shows up on the filtering list?

CarloL Moderator

Hey @slasherpool! Best thing to do here is to get in touch with the Samsung AudioVisual team for further support. They can be reached at this number: 0333 000 0333 .

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