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Smart tv buffers

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I have a Samsung smart led tv. I have no problems watching anything on there via smart hub (Netflix etc). I have recently bought BT SPORT. I can’t watch a live match without it buffering every 16 seconds, however on my non smart tv I can watch BT SPORT via an amazon firstick without any problems.  My internet provider is BT and the infinity hub is wired into the smart tv. 

 I’ve tried it wired and Wi-fi with the same results. BT have checked my line and there is no problem there. 

 I’m not internet techie and don’t understand a lot of the jargon. All I wanted was plug and play (just like it is on the firestick).  I’ve even turned everything else that uses the internet but the result is the same. The problem somehow lies with the smart tv and I’m buggered if I know what the problem is. I’ve rebooted and reinstalled 3 times and still the problem exists. Please help

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Hi @Smokeyfruitbat.


Could you confirm that you're trying to watch BT Sport through the downloaded app on your Smart Hub?

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