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Hi all , after my curved Samsung TV got stolen and they left me the smart remote I was wondering ....I've bought a 43inch NU7400 TV , that has a smart remote but can I pair the remote that didn't get stolen to the new TV so I'll have 2 smart remotes  ?? 

AndrewL Moderator
@Edgie70: Smart Remote's, while similar in design, can vary from model to model which could cause compatibility issues. Furthermore, as the connection is established via Bluetooth, it is unlikely that you will be able to pair both remotes to the same TV without some interference occurring. To attempt the second connection please point the remote at the remote control sensor of the TV and press and hold the Play/Pause and Back buttons simultaneously for around 3 seconds.

 Ah right , tbh I think I'll just keep it as a spare then , thanks 

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