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Smart iptv app connection problem on my new Q6F

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Simply log into your samsung account on the TV and all works perfectly  

hi. Anyone figured out how to fix this issue ? i have the same problem with my KS8500

How you disabled ipv6 ?? Thanks

On general menu -> network -> expert setings -> ipv6.
Otherwise, you can disable ipv6 on your modem/router. I think you can find some info on your modem/router by googling-it.
Take care!!
I don t have expert settings after nerwork mate :(
Try to disable it inside your router page then.
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Hi, some one have solved this issue?


i was turn off IPV6. conneted on cable, but no way to work on

I have a similar issue on my NU8070 Smart IPTV app, no channel is playing on IPTV & apparently is due to non supportive codecs, not sure if Samsung will be keen to fix it?

Me too have the same problem on NU4775, is there any good news to fix that problem ?

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