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Smart hub games icon/app gone??

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My smart hub Samsung TV games icon seems to have gone from the menu bar. Anyone know how to get it back? I can’t find it in the apps section. It’s just vanished. 

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Hi @Mylomylo


Which model do you have? Have a go at a Soft Reset on your TV and let us know how you get on, to do this head over to > Settings > Support > Self diagnosis > Reset. 


It's worth checking to see if the software is up to date on your TV too, to check go to > Menu > Support > Contact Samsung.





Which one specific? Fix for me turn off TV > unplug Gaming device from HDMI > power on TV. > Power on Xbox then put into HDMI port it will assign correct icon

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I have the same issue with my un48h6400. The games icon is gone. I reset and updated the smart hub. still the same. Asking for help through the support on the menu, no one got back so far.


Do what I suggested above

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Same problem with my H6400. i try everything (Firmware update, smart hub reset,  Factory Reset)



15461931573112580604067685286777.jpgAre you on about the logo like my xbox one?


The fix is: Unplug game device from the HDMI in back of the TV

Turn off TV and gaming device 

Turn on TV FIRST

Turn on gaming device

Connect HDMI to TV from gaming device while powered on. The TV will then find and add the logo. You can check by pressing the source button to see what is connected.

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I don`t have any device plugged in. The problem is with the games section in “Smart hub” with the game apps. Just disappeared

(image from the internet)


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Hey, I have this problem, the xbox logo doesn’t appear on my NU7093, I tried what you suggested above but it didn’t change anything, do you have any idea?

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Is the game app in smart hub not discontinued?


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