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Smart hub failure...just keeps saying its updating

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Getting the "Smart Hub is being updated. Please try again."  When trying to open any of the apps.


Have done a factory reset of the tv.

Have have done the smart hub reset.

The software is updated.

Everything is checked under Terms & Policy.

The wifi is connected.

Used the Request Support yesterday and no call from Samsung.

Really frustrating...any other ideas out there??

I've read the other posts relating to the issue and tried all the above mentioned that have fixed the problem for others. None of it has worked.


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spegni il tv stacca la presa quando la spia pilota si spegne atendi almeno 2-5 minuti.resetta il router attendi che il router sia pronto per la connessione fatto questo acenndi il tv e vai su smart. tutti noi andiamo per tentativi aspetti SAMSUMG ....
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Dimenticavo.. sarebbe meglio con cavo eternhet..wifi non a la stessa velocità in MBPS.
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