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Smart hub always in update mode

New Member

I have reset my Ue32h6400AKXXU TV as it has been suffering from freezing and pixelated screens.  I have used the reset option in the Support menu which seemed to do the job adequately initially.  I am however getting a message from the Smart Hub that it is "updating".  This has been the case for a couple of days now and I suspect there is something not right.  The Set is connected via wifi to my router and I have reconfigured this connection a couple of times apparently successfully but the hub still wont work?


Any suggestions as to what may be the issue and how to sort it please?

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Brober.


Could you check that all the T&C's have been accepted? Go to Menu > Smart Hub > Terms & Policy. Make sure everything that needs ticking has been ticked.

AntS Moderator

Any joy for you with this one, @Brober


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Ours is doing the same it’s model UA48H6400AWXXY smart hub froze last night so we reset it and now it says it has been updating for 12 hours all t&c s are ticked does anyone have a solution for this? I have tried all solutions I can find nothing seems to work

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