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Smart TV software appears to keep crashing

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I have a new Samsung UE40NU7120 smart TV.


I find, when I'm watching an iplayer show through my Google chromecast device, with the audio routed to the audio out, the following problems occur every ten minutes:

- the audio stops completely

- the remote becomes unresponsive

- the samsung smarthub software appears to restart


Once the third event fires, the sound returns and remote starts working again, but this is hugely disruptive as it's happening every ten minutes. 


I've checked the software on the TV and it's up to date. Why would this be happening?

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Further to this, I've noticed that it's not specific to any HDMI port. All three ports trigger the same behaviour. It also doesn't matter what audio option you use. Doesn't seem to be specific to that.


If you use the built in Netflix, you don't get the same problem.

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