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Smart TV not connecting to internet

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@JamieStrange  Know it was a bit of hassle with trying may different options  but glad your Tv's wifi sorted out in the end, for some with issues the Google DNS server seems to work ok.  Unfortunately though mobile numbers cannot be posted direcly on the Community  due to privacy rules and will be deleted by a moderator in due course.  You are free to share information via the Private Messaging system, though the previous messages in this thread are a few months old.


For those having Smart View Issues an idea would be to look at the developer options which are detailed on this thread


i would like to just add that infact the dns server situation i posted, DOESNT' actually work.   i had  a ethernet cable plugged in which is why i had internet. so i apologise for giving anyone false hope.  


my sincere apologies


i am currently on the phone now trying to get my tv taken back as it is clearly faulty.  yet samsung will not admit the problem is caused by them.  for such a big massive company  a £700 tv really isnt going to harm your profit isit?  yet £700 to me is a lot of money.


there are hundreds if not thousands of people having this same issue.


yet i have 3 other tvs in my house connected to wifi perfectly fine,  2 laptops, 2 ps4's and there are 4 tablets in my household which ALL connect to my router and internet perfectly fine without any issues what so ever.  


this tv is DEFINITELY the problem E55MU6500UXXU



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I will never buy a Samsung tv again- I now have 3 useless ones - the third having just developed the same fault of not connecting to internet - one very occasionally, one usually and one never - Samsung have been next to useless - I give up!

Hi. On the 2nd of October samsung finally sent a engineer out to replace the motherboard on my tv and it works lovely now.  I was talking to Samsung for 3 weeks straight and they kept saying the problem was my end ie my router or internet provider.  They kept running checks all the time and kept coming out with the same answer all the time.  I finally got to a really nice samsung agent and after doing my checks. She got to the final check which was asking me to turn my mobile phone internet on and use it as a hotspot.  I connected t.v. to my phone internet and it still didn't work ( this showed them the problem wasn't with my internet or my router and infact it was the t.v. as the phone internet didn't work either.


Honestly be persistent you will get it fixed.  Every single electrical product has a 6 year manufacturing warranty against electrical goods they have to fix it 


Keep me updated !!!



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Dude, its just a minor problem... Update your TV firmware, its not Samsung faults.. TV's are not intended to be used wirlessly (Though Samsung still gave an option) restart you router and try Again it now works for me.. it work every time for me, try a wired LAN connection thats what the TV is made for......

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4 days ago our Samsung smart 50 inch just suddenly stopped connecting. Worked fine in the morning and now just says unable to connect. Tried resetting the network info,turning router and tv off at mains and 're starting,software is up to date. Literally have no idea now. We've had it for about 18months now and have that a problem. All other equipment in house connects to internet no problem. 

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Try to update your TV firmware Manually by downloading it from Samsungs website to a PC and store it in a USB connect it to the TV go to MENU>Suppport> Check for updates> and Press ok when it asks you to update from USB, or use a wired LAN ethernet cable to connect, thats what the TV was intended for though.

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Just another voice to add to the many. I have tried all the remedies given by the community including employing a specialist consultant who is sure that it is a fault with the tv. I have manually updated the firmware via USB because of course I cannot connect to the internet via the tv. All  input  and TV display settings were lost as a result and had to be reset. it is clear that only Samsung know the answer and can sort this problem. We must continue to pressure them. After being a lifelong supporter of Samsung I am about to purchase a new TV and telephone and they will not be Samsung products unless they get this resolved very soon.


My TV is a UE46D8000YUXXU


Mate I promise you keep pestering until they offer to send a engineer out and replace the motherboard my tv is working absolutely lovely now.  


The engineer came out and fixed within 20 minutes? And boom finally had internet on my tv for the first time in 4 or 5 months.  And now I can finally connect my Samsung galaxy note 8 wirelessly to the tv.  I never realised just how much I relied on having internet on my tv.


If your phone mobile data doesn't connect to your tv( it will search for it but constantly say cannot connect to internet )


All samsung will say is " but your t.v. has A dns value so it can't be the tv)

When engineer came out he told me the tv will ALWAYS  have a dns code because the dns code is physically Printed onto the Bluetooth board inside the tv lol.


And also with any electrical good you have 6 YEARS warranty. 


Goodluck mate 


I have found solution. not the best one , but tv is finnaly connected to working wifi.


I only made wifi hotspot from my laptop using free version of Connectify hotspot software. 

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