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Smart TV not connecting to internet

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Hello from Portugal 

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Good evening from Portugal! Same problem here. Started today in the morning, still won't work. I do wish samsung would inform us if this is a Samsung issue and, if so, how long will it take to be fixed. Samsung call center is off (since 8pm so there's nothing we can do here but search the web for info..) 

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TV coonected to wireless net, but not internet. Strange. Other devices are working. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. 


Ok following on from my long posr earlier, i can confirm that i have resolved my issue of connecting to my local network but the TV noting i had no internet, and that it despite communicating with my router correctly to pull through settings which work for other devices.


TLDR version, i got a usb stick and had it in my windows 10 pc. Visited the samsung support site and found my model of TV (this will be printed on the back of your TV if like me you dont know it by heart). Then you can gain access to download the new firmware as an executable onto the usb stick, run it from there and it should prompt to extract its folder containing the firmware proper to the root of the same stick. You then have tv off, insert said usb, go to menu, support, software update (this was briefly greyed out and unavailable for me but soon worked when it lit up), then it should prompt to search the inserted usb device for firmware upgrade files.


This for my model of device was all detailed in an instructional pdf download on the same page as the firmware download. Get this and follow it, it is very simple to do.


Upon restarting following the process from the upgrade instructions, the TV briefly notified it had updated transponders. I noticed that default out of box settings were then not to auto update and my guess is that at some point my firmware was going to become so out of date that it ceased to funtion properly. That day must have been today. I must say after being spammed ceaselessly about rubbish services i never used going to end plaguing me, it maybe should have been a higher priority to notify people to upgrade their firmware sooner than later so that core functionality would not have been lost. That and our collective time troubleshooting. I do love a good days work in IT to come home and relax with my TV by doing an evenings worth of IT!


Anyway, rant over and i do hope my fix can also help others.


All the best.

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I have just checked my TV (7am) and all is well.

looks like they’ve fixed the problem their end. 

Hope you all hare back up and running. 

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Good to hear that the issue has resolved it's self for you! I'm in the UK and have my fingers crossed when I get home from work mine will be 'magically' fixed too... And that me fiddling with settings and stuff yesterday to try and fix it hasn't caused too many problems!


If this is the case (fingers toes and whatnot crossed) that it works when I get home I shall definitely be checking to see if I need to update the firmware as this isn't something I've checked since I had the TV. But it makes perfect sense that if not updated it will fail at some point, just like phones etc do.


Really hoping, for me and for everyone else who had the issue, that all is back to normal now or very soon.

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Problem has been fixed in Portugal, TV is working fine now. Thank you all! 

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Yesterday the same problem hit my Samsung TV (affecting ONLY the TV) - it is fixed today. The TV would NOT work whether wired or wireless. Spent hours trying to "fix" the problem. WHY is the functionality of my TV dependent on Samsung infrastructure/services in ANY way? WHAT is Samsung doing - does anybody know the "root cause" of this issue?
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Hi, I can only assume there was a glitch in the system in regards to certain models, or Samsung running an update which had a glitch......I have 3 Samsung TVs and only 1 affected by this, the next day I managed to mess around with the DNS code download an update (took 3 attempts mind) and looks good so far. 

Turns out I had automatic updates turned off........ maybe that was the reason for my issue! 

Either way I hope I have no furthur issues, however last month or so tv has been shutting internet connection down so maybe this will help. 


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Today I just bought my own Samsung Smart TV 55" 7 series MU7000. As I opened it set it up. Hang it up in my wall. Went to the start up setup. Selected my language and all that things. But when I came to the part to connect to the internet wireless. I wrote my password in my network name. And for some reason it is just not connecting, I even turned off my TV repluged it several times still can't connect it. I even changed the settings of DNS to manually and wrote still dosnt work. I can't completely write the whole info my self manually because I dont know its IP address.. Please some one help me I really wana watch a youtube and netflix video at 4k HDR for the first time in my life.

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