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Smart TV continually restarting


I know these are some old forums, but I have a samsung lcd tv from 2012.  It would occasionally go into reboot loops, I could wiggle the power cord and it would stop. Recently it has been happening 10-20 times a day, sometimes within minutes of being turned on and sometimes after an hour or so.

Strangely, it would loop when getting texts on my phone or watch. Or when using iPads or some other device.  I’m running a cable modem and a WiFi knight hawk router, and Amazon Fire Tv 4th gen.  I had everything running on WiFi, so I tried Cabling the tv to Ethernet cord, it did not make a difference.  After a particular bad session of looping of 10 times, I began looking at all the stuff on internet again to fix this.  I started messing around in the menu and just touching the remote would start the loop.   I unplugged everything from the tv but the power cord.  I finally could get into the menu and it stayed on long enough to mess around with it.  I went into the menu, and I turned all access for network off.  No router WiFi, no wired, I selected no network.  

Since I use the firetv for all my access, I figured the tv doesn’t need it.  

I plugged my sound bar and firetv back in to the tv, the DVD player, and lo and behold.  It has been 2 days and it has not rebooted even once.  Don’t know if this helps you, but if you have similar symptoms maybe it will solve it for you too. Have a great day!

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Hi all.


Just a post to say that as per our Community Policy on Dangerous DIY/Unorthodox Repair Advice, I've removed/edited specific references to the procedure that was advised by a user - but preserved as much of the rest of the thread as I could for you all.


Thank you.


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I think it's very sad to remove a solution what is working for me (and lots of other people).

If you have a samsung tv in a bootloop and it's already years out of warranty, then i don't see a problem in a working unorthodox repair advice.

I do understand that the first thing to do with a broken device is to repair it by specialist.

But if you have nothing to lose because the TV is already 8 years old, then the specialist repair shop will not even start working on it.

The reason i did share this method is because i think it's such a waste of money/resources to throw away a perfect TV in a bootloop. My samsung is still working for more than 8 months after a did the unorthodox repair.

Can you please advise me how to share this information without breaking the rules? I really like to help other people.

Can i link to my post on my blog?

Or will the combination of my forumname “digisaster” and the word “bootloop” do the magic in google?


Thanks for not removing this post.

Im 100% sure that it wil safe at least a few tv's from the waste.


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@Digisaster : We appreciate that you're trying to help, but we cannot at all condone the use of highly flammable liquids/materials on the internals of electrical products.


You might be super-careful/fortunate when carrying the procedure out - someone else out there may not be.


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Update:  it started the boot loop again.  So I took the back off to check the power ribbons, they looked fine.  What did not look fine was all the dust in there!  We took an air compressor and gently blew the dust off the boards.  Fingers crossed, put it back together.  It has been working perfectly for several days now.   

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had the same thing happen! started a every now and then, then became all the time until the tv was unusable.
thanks so much for your comments because you got me fiddlin'.
the thing that worked?

i changed the power cable. i noticed it was identical to my MEO box cable  so swapped them. everything works so far, and it's been 10 minutes...

Lisbon, Portugal.


Hello! This also happened for me (model es8000 manuf.year 2012) today and when I was reading this chain I was thinking if this some kind of software-based "kill switch" for old machines. Anyhow I removed the Evolution Kit and every USB sticks and cords and made the hard reset (service menu) and now it have worked ok. I dont know if I have encourage to install evolution kit anymore :( 

Ahh.. and I changed the date (if its a "kill switch" )

I have UE32D5520 that started to re boot itself immediately after connecting to internet with a LAN cable .


Does any one know how to manually reboot to a manufacture reset as I do not have other way as neither my remote control or the panel buttons are not responding. 

Is it working now?
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