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Smart TV Big problem after an update "January"

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Model: UN55MU6500FXZA


None of my samsung or Harmony remotes "I purchased more hoping it was a remote problem" work, neither do the buttons on the back. I've called samsung multiple times  and they couldnt help me fix it because none of the remotes work"Including the one they sent me".  The volume only goes up or down once and the screen has a flashing speaker on it. Every time I've called I asked up front if they could send a repairman out and they made me do do all the steps over. Before that update it was fine, The Samsung smart remote worked great and the Harmony remote worked as well.


I wish there was a way for me to wipe everything even if it means having to enter everything in again but with no remote and the buttons on the back do nothing I am not able to get into settings. I'm hoping I'm not the only one with this problen and that they have a fix for me. I wish I could just SSH into it and wipe everything and SCP the latest firmware to it.

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