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Smart TV - Ads on the Menu Bar


Surely there must be a way to disable this? If I'd known I'd be getting this I'd have brought a different brand. It's annoying me to the point where I'm serious considering getting rid. Sounds dramatic but it feels invasive. 

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @MrShak1982.


Did you manage to get this sorted out or are you still having the issue?


Hi @ChrisM 


No such luck, reached out to Samsung UK via twitter and they basically said the functionality is embedded into the TV so no way to disable it. 


This will probably be the last Samsung smart TV I purchase tbh if that's their attitude towards customer privacy. 

ChrisM Moderator

That's not what we like to hear, @MrShak1982. Are you able to send us a photo of your TV with the apps showing?



This one is for Sky Mobile, the last one was for Galaxy S10. Could do without them tbh, just frustrating to see. I don't put my TV on to stare at adverts. 

First Poster

Same issue here, i have a visa advert in the same place. We will be selling the TV for a different brand.


What I don't get is why there has to be ads on a menu of a TV I paid lots of money for...wasn't that enough Samsung?

New Member

I have the same problem with my Q9F. How can I remove the ads???? That's not what I paid for... 


Yeh, it's a pretty terrible thing for Samsung to do, spend a boatload on the new Frame and Adverts? What a stupid thing to do, there are ways to stop them using DNS, but why should I have to? Last time I buy a Samsung product.

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